These Kaiten sushi structures can be built in various shapes and sizes to suit any setting. This means a conveyor belt will fit in any restaurant, bar or hotel. You can choose the length, shape and design of your sushi belt yourself. The standard "Sushi conveyor belt" is designed and manufactured in "modules", so the assembly operations on site are simple and quick. Anyhow, the machines are tested before shipment. The most popular and simple design for a conveyor is the linear type which can be installed in any local size. It is ideal to start with a small restaurant. The length is limited only by the space available. This type of kaiten can be easily expanded in the future with the additional standard modular elements. With the modular system it is possible to create the most varied routes; you can create your own modular conveyor belt "Sushi conveyor belt" in "L", "T", "I", "U" shape and many other shapes.